Hospital owner in India arrested after 6 babies die in fire

Indian police today said they had arrested a doctor and the owner of an unlicensed hospital where six newborn babies died in a fire in a crowded ward without fire exits.

The blaze broke out at the New Born Baby Care hospital in New Delhi’s Vivek Vihar area late Saturday evening. In the first crucial minute, it was the bystanders who saw the fire and were confident that the fire had brought out the babies inside.

“We didn’t name her… I never even held her in my arms,” ​​Anjar Khan, whose 11-day-old daughter died in the fire, was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times. Vinod Sharma, who lost his one-day-old son, blamed the hospital authorities for the tragedy.

“He has breathing problems. The doctor has said that he will get better in a few days,” Sharma told The Indian Express.

“We didn’t know that the hospital would kill him. »

Five babies were saved

Fires are common in India due to poor construction practices, overcrowding and lack of adherence to safety standards. The narrow two-story hospital is sandwiched between rows of houses, with no space on either side, making it difficult to get a fire truck.

“We are trying to bring the fire under control, but there is no way to enter the house and rescue the 12 trapped babies,” Atul Garg, a firefighter, told reporters. Senior police officer Surendra Chaudhary told AFP that the hospital “did not have an emergency exit system”.

Its license had expired in March and the owner had crammed into the ward more than twice the number of beds for which he had previously been licensed. “The hospital has been permitted for five eggs, but they installed more than 10 eggs,” he said.

“Send us all this, and we are detained.”

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Fire in the hospital and Saturday crashed a few hours to the lights distinct in the entertainment park of Gujarat in India.

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The bodies were so badly burned that they were never identified.

Police have charged seven people with intentional homicide in connection with the fire. The two fires have caused severe heat to grip northern India, with temperatures in Delhi reaching 46.8C on Saturday, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

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