Iran executes man for killing cop during 2022 protests

Iran today executed a man convicted of killing a policeman and injuring others during the 2022 national protests, judges said.

“Mohammad Ghobadlou’s death sentence… was made this morning after 487 days of legal proceedings,” the Mizan Online website of the judges said. Ghobadlou, who was a pioneer in particular, continued to pioneer, mizan being his occupation.

The newspaper was published in September 2022 by Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini, Amini was previously arrested on charges of violating the strict dress code imposed on women in Iran.

Hundreds of people, including many security personnel, were killed and thousands more arrested in what the authorities described as a “riot” of foreigners. Ghobadlou was originally sentenced to death in November 2022 when he was convicted of “international corruption for attacking the police in Tehran with a car, resulting in the death of one police officer and wounding five others,” according to Mizan said in time.

In February 2023, the Supreme Court finally allowed him to be executed and later sent his case to a new court to deal with issues related to his mental health, according to a report from Iran’s Mehr News Agency published in July. Today, Mizan said that the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence against Ghobadlou, which was done according to qesas (Iranian Islamic law).

Ghobadlou’s killing brings to eight the number of people killed after being convicted of murder or other violence against security forces during the protests. Iran kills more people a year than any other country except China, according to human rights groups including Amnesty International.

Iran generally executes by hanging.

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